Elite Scale - NTEP Industrial, Commercial, Medical Scales

Elite Scale - NTEP Industrial, Commercial, Medical Scales

Elite Scale - Industrial, Commercial, Medical Scales is a scale manufacturing company in California USA. Our manufacturing department consists of more than 1000 peoples who are highly qualified and experienced in their work. Our main aim is to provide best weighting products to our valued customers. All kinds of scales are in stock and information on these is also available on our website. You can also join our live chat session for more details and information. Kitchen and food scales are our main products.

Our Products include

- Industrial Scales (Floor Scales, Counting Scales, Bench Scales, Check weighers, Drum Scales, Truck Scales, Pallet Scales, Forklift Scales)
- Commercial Scales (Price Computing Scales, POS Interface Scales)
- Food Scales (Kitchen Scales, Portion Control Scales)
- Medical Scales (Animal Scales, vet Scales, Physician Scales, Pediatric Scales, Dietary Scales)
- Balance Scales
- NTEP Certified Scales
For more details visit : www.elite-scale.com

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