About Us

The Positive Business Directory offers businesses and non-profits the ability to support each other and their local community through a unique approach to business directory listings.



Our mission is to educate businesses and their customers so that they are more aware of what non-profits are doing to help their local area in which they live.



We contact businesses to get them involved in the non-profit world.  We set these businesses up with a free business listing that lists their favorite non-profit.  Businesses with a retail location can display donation boxes with a way to access the business listing and in turn check out the non-profit that business is supporting.  We then take that donation money whether donated in store or online and send it to their favorite non-profit.  We work with that non-profit to send us traffic through newsletters, social media, and everyday correspondence to recognize the businesses that support it.  In the end it is a win win for everyone involved.


Get involved

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